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The Mortgage Checklist - Part 8 (Service)

If you’re applying for a mortgage, there are some things you will need to know. As a result, we have created a mortgage checklist, so you can ask your lender/broker the right questions. Here is part 8 of 9, featuring questions about the lender’s service.


55. If I have a problem with my mortgage, who do I call?

Large mortgage providers like banks often have live chat or 24-hour telephone support, all tracked and recorded in case you have a problem later.

Large lenders also have systems that enable multiple agents to work on your file. This yields faster service if your main contact is unavailable.

56. Will I get a dedicated mortgage adviser, or talk to someone different each time I have a mortgage question?

You should always have the email address and direct number of your primary mortgage contact.

57. How long do I have to wait on hold to speak to my mortgage adviser? What are his/her hours?

58. Will my mortgage adviser contact me annually for a mortgage check-up?

This service ensures that your rate is still competitive and that your mortgage type still makes sense for your changing needs.